Friday, April 22, 2016

Long time no blog

Hey Everybody!  Its been awhile.  Running in too many directions.  Got older, but skinnier ;)  Lost my Dad, Merle Haggard and Prince :(  I am becoming increasingly more of a zealot about EV's and mode shifting to better local modes.  Got a couple of new toys.

The Tesla Model X is an unbelievable vehicle.  I decided I needed to stretch out as far as I could and get a vehicle that could go anywhere and handle the whole family without burning fossil fuel.  Combined with my solar array and a reasonably clean grid in California we are driving the future.  I am completely on board with Tesla's mission and am happy to be able to be part of it.

Zach and I picking up White Lightning in Fremont

Gilroy Super Charger

White Lightning in Redrock, Las Vegas
I got my Genze 2.0 E-Moped late last year and could not be happier.  Their commitment to mode shifting to a smaller footprint transport method is admirable.  The vehicle is an astounding piece of technology.  My LTE Android connected 99-point CANbus monitored aluminum electric vehicle still boggles my mind every time I ride it.  It can go 30 miles at 30 MPH and the battery is removable.  It would be a good buy at $5000 US, but at $2999 US it is nearly a steal.
My sweetheart unloading the bagels
For perspective I am 9 ft tall :)

My Genze2.0 in our scooter garage

Stay connected and enjoy the ride people!

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