Friday, April 29, 2016

Trying to get it together

Hey all!  Late last year I decided that heading into my 46th year I needed to start acting like I might be around for a little while.  Diets do not work, pills, etc all end the same.  After some thought I came up with a plan.  Walk every day for 1 year and see how my health has changed.  My 1st goal was to walk 7 days a week for a minimum of 1 hour.  I chose Jan 1, 2016 as my official start date.  I am proud to say that I met my 1st 2 goals in Jan.  The next goal was to get to 2 hours a day and maintain that for the remainder of the year.  By Feb 1 I made that goal and have maintained it.

Now that I start my 5th month I thought I would share where I am at.  I understand that diet, not a diet, is absolutely key to weight loss.  However the underlying thing I am trying to accomplish is to modify my lifestyle to a better routine.  I started this endeavor at 280 pounds and have not yet weighed in again since I started.  I purposely have not kept track of calories or logged my food.   I am finding that I am slowly changing my eating habits and choices as I continue the routine.  The better the food, non processed whole foods, the easier it is to get my 2 hours in.  As for the 2 hours, I decided it was best to track time and nothing else.  I can get as little as 4 miles in or as much as 6 in the same amount of time.  I was pretty sick in early March and was able to not miss my time.

I have to be honest, there are days it is difficult to get the walking in and 2 nights ago I went crazy and had a McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder, but I am feeling pretty good over all.  I will see where my weight is on June 1.  The best accomplishment so far though is the fact that I stopped drinking soda of any kind 2 months ago now.


Stay Connected and enjoy the ride ;)

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